Sue and Jim get Married!

December 31, 1999 @ 13:30 PST

Please be patient, this page has lots of pictures, and they take awhile to load.

The song playing is "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", by Aerosmith, and is our wedding song.

Sue and Jim, just after the man said "I now pronounce...!"
My mom (73), me, and Sue (gazing off into space).
The Bride's Maid Pat, and Sue having a giggle fit while Me and the Best Man Terry, try to look distinguished. (Do I really have a double chin?)
Three generations. My mom, me, Sue, our daughter Shyann, and son Troy.
The girls. Keko, Sue and Pat. Mom, Shyann, and Ran (seated).
The guys. Rob, Paul, Dan, Derrek. Me and Terry (seated).
The Bridesmaid, Pat, and Best Man, Terry.
The Marriage Commissioner, me, and Terry, waiting for Sue to arrive.
The Ceremony.
The "I Do's". (I'm getting the ring).
The Commissioner, on his way to his third wedding that day.
Ran, and the Flower Girl, our daughter Shyann.
Young James, Pat's son.
My mom, looking happy that it's all over, with Troy and Shyann.
Cutting the cake.
Cutting the cake, pt 2.
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